Circle of Promise Initiative

Launched in October 2007, the Circle of Promise campaign was created by Susan G. Komen to educate, empower and mobilize the African American community in the fight against breast cancer. Through this effort, Komen hopes to rewrite the story on African Americans and breast cancer by decreasing the African American mortality rate, which is 48% higher than for Caucasian women here in Alabama.

Komen North Central Alabama implements the Circle of Promise Initiative through a two-prong strategy: engaging in community outreach and the funding of programs that address this disparity through our Community Grants program. Our efforts are guided by the results of the 2015 Community Profile and the vision of the dedicated volunteers who serve on our Circle of Promise Committee.

Upcoming Activities and Events

Sister Talk Support Group Meeting

The Sister Talk Support Group provides a warm, welcoming, safe space for breast cancer survivors to meet, share, and learn from one another and our great meeting facilitator – Teneramie Hall, MSW, LBSW.

Promise Luncheon

The Promise Luncheon will bring attendees together to educate them about the impact breast cancer has on the African American community, engage them in the local fight against breast cancer, and celebrate the supportive network of survivors, co-survivors, and others who make up the Circle of Promise here in the Greater Birmingham area.

Save the Date!

2018 Promise Luncheon – Saturday, February 17th

Circle of Promise Resource Fair

The Circle of Promise Resource Fair, free and open to the public, will feature organizations and businesses from across the Greater Birmingham area that provide resources, assistance, and services to breast cancer patients, survivors and co-survivors, and anyone who is interested in learning more about breast health, breast cancer, and healthy living.

Stay Tuned for Details about the 2018 Circle of Promise Resource Fair


Community Partners

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